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"The Way of Tea"

Tea Ceremony: Service and Reflection
A development of reverence for lineage

7 session sit (3 weekends)

As an "older student" of the leaf in the Los Angeles community I have watched this practice flow, inspire, and take off like wild fire. For practices and traditions to be passed on and preserved we must look to the well and source of wisdom from which they have flowed. As we look into that well of still water, there is an opportunity for it to reflect back to us where we are sitting and how we can grow. I serve this practice under a lineage which I have been initiated into and am fully dedicated to. I hold this responsibility with great honor and respect to my teacher and the teachers before him. Therefore, these are the roots that I hold true to in service...
The intention of this offering is to create a space for those that are inspired by tea as a daily practice to have an opportunity to return to an accessible source for reflection and a deeper understanding of the tradition. What are we serving? Why are we serving? How are we serving? 

**This is course is only offered to those that have already begun a daily practice with Tea. It is limited to a group of 6 and is full at this time. It will be an on going offering that expands with each year. If you are interested please send an intention message here

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