Ceremonial Offerings

Ceremonies and Rituals can be specifically designed to suit any occasion. They can include sharing circles, song + drum, tea, intention setting. Occasions can include: Blessing Ways, Love Unions, Bridal Blessings, House Blessings , Birthdays 

In the times of our ancestors, ceremony was a part of daily life. They didn’t need to claim ceremony in their lives to connect to nature and the sacred because life was lived that way out of necessity, moment to moment. In our modern day life, we have forgotten. We forget everyday. We forget ourselves and our connection to nature and all things. By bringing ritual and ceremony to daily life, it reminds us of our place in the great cycle of life. It helps us to not only remember, but to move through the transitions and cycles with awareness and grace. 

Creating ceremonies to mark transitional occasions such as births, deaths, unions, and separations help us to honor these moments in our lives where change is occurring. We welcome the changes and all the emotions that come with them. We celebrate our joy, grief, and more importantly our growth. 


 Intuitive Sounds and Rhythms Circle:

For me, drumming has always been an exploration of my own intuition and internal rhythm. Coming from a background in dance, I always had the desire to explore how that dance translated into my hands. I've played with taking some lessons, which were very informative, but sometimes found myself lost in technicalities, wishing to return to the "not-knowing" and continue exploring how my intuitive inner rhythms met the drum. More and more I found myself in ceremonial spaces and many other ways of exploring that inner rhythm arose. I could not only explore through my hands and the drum, but through my voice and with my body.

My intention is to facilitate an exploration of our sounds and rhythms in sacred space. We will play with our own voices, beat rhythms with our bodies and also work with drums and other instruments of choice*.  Pushing our boundaries, listening, and connecting more deeply with each other, finding where we meet and create the magic of spontaneous sound.  Since ancient times music been used as an offering and to deepen the magic in ceremonial space. So whether through voice or drum, we are offering ourselves, tuning in to the ALL. The earth is listening, the sun and moon are listening, the stars hear our song. 

"The deeper we penetrate into the mystery of sound, the more we are able to trace the link that connects all sounds. This link is what the musician calls harmony, and it is in harmony that is hidden the secret of joy and peace."  -Hazrat Inyat Khan (The Mysticism of Sound and Music)

If you are interested in sharing space in ceremony please contact me here.