Let’s explore together. Intimately explore a range of feelings and experiences. I am here for clear reflection. I cannot teach you how to be you, only share with you my presence and hold space for you to discover more places in and outside of yourself. 

How do those spaces meet and merge in wholeness? 

I am here to help you unravel and unwind- the stories, identifications and conditions that keep you from “knowing” the truth of who you ARE.  

Your full embodied Self. 

To express our total ecstatic nature we must also know the space of the subtle, trust in our own stillness, feel our center and the place that is our true home. “Know thyself” has been spoken by many teachers, in many languages throughout time... when we become fully aware of ourselves in all our many facets, we can live with more abandon and taste the truth of our liberation. 

Through stillness, movement and daily practices we can open to more being-ness, allowing us to touch life more intimately. 

Over the last years I have gathered many tools and ways of working that have enriched my life in all ways. I would like to share with you, listen to you and help you uncover what is already yours. 

Our time together will be guided by you, by the plants and elements and by intuitive guidance. 

Mentorships Are limited. To apply Email me here.