2019 / 2020 Schedule


November 8th-11th 2019

A 4-day wellness experience to optimize health from the inside-out, featuring inspirational speakers, such as Elizabeth Gilbert, John Wineland, and Gabby Bernstein,  interactive workshops and human connection immersed in Nature.

Join me for morning and evenings teas and a talk on daily practice/Tea Ceremony. Located at Serenbe in Chattahoochee Hills just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

For more details please visit :  Attune by Living Wholly 

Warrior Priestess Training

Metal Element December 6th-9th in Bonny Doon, CA

Led by Baelyn Elspeth and Brea Fisher of Kwan Yin Kung Fu

We gather together 5 times a year following along the Chinese Medicine Wheel - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal - As women and beings of this time we reflect on our own position in this life - As Warrior and as Priestess. Through the practices of Tea, Meditation, Qi Gong + Sword, we cultivate ourselves with grace and discipline. These practices and ways of life aid us in coming into balance inside, putting us in harmony with all the ten thousands things.

Next year's Immersion dates TBA - Please contact AY^AM for more details and information

Earth Medicine of Aotearoa

February 5th - 9th 2020 in New Zealand

Led by: Baelyn Elspeth and Fleur Louise of Wild Alchemy

"Together as women we reconnect to the land, learn and grow with each other. In this immersion we will dive into our "Bodily Wisdom" from a Naturopathic perspective, learn the medicines of the Native forest and surrounding areas, and cover our relationship to the season of summer - this will include making plant medicines and infusions to nourish and heal the body. We will also be guided through daily life in ceremony with various practices- "The Way Of Tea" Tea Ceremony, meditation, drum and song.

For full details and to reserve a space please visit : Earth Medicine of Aotearoa

Wu De at Esalen
February 16th-21st 2020

I will be assisting my teacher Wu De at Esalen in Big Sur, CA for a 5 day deep dive into a life with Tea.
"Together we’ll delve into the ancient tradition of Cha Dao uniting awareness and tea medicine and discover how tea can teach us mindfulness in our daily lives. Each day will begin with a morning meditation and then a shared tea ceremony. In discussions and group practices, Wu De will explore tea as a great connector that brings calm joy and presence, while also providing guidance for participants about how to start and deepen their own personal bowl tea practice. Meditation sits will be scheduled throughout the day and to wrap up our evenings. During the week, the group will experience different ways of bowl tea brewing while sharing unique and ancient living teas.-- "

For more details and to register please visit : Cha Dao at Esalen